Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Polaroid Captured Moments

I always wanted to own a Polaroid camera but when I saw a link that can convert an ordinary photo into a Polaroid photo, I think I just saved my money! Hehehe! So, here are some of the photos that were converted. Enjoy!

During my mother's birthday;

My brother as supermodel. Heh!

My mom ready to cut her cake

During my brother's convocation;

The convocation was just finished but we were stuck upstairs

During my sister's convocation;

My sister and her former classmate; Ana Raffali.

My little sister; bored to death.

The same with my brother

Satay katak! Erkk!

Chocolates that I bought in Langkawi;

Nikmat dunia

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The nadia said...

well actually gambar polaroid tak de lah effect dia mcm tu sangat,sebb dia original film ;) sebb dia digital n diconvert dan di edit sikit2 tu jadi mcm tu

Nisa said...

Well, ni kan apps je

The nadia said...

ya,aku suka app ni :D