Friday, July 2, 2010

A Long Random Post

I went to Shah Alam today just to drive my grandma to the pasar basah. Her fridge was already (almost) empty and she had (almost) nothing to cook for her lunch. Last weekend, I promised her that I'd be back in SA (may be) on Monday or the latest would be Tuesday but you know la kan. How good the bed at home is? Although that it's time for me to toss out the old mattress and bring in the new one, tapi tilam lama juga menjadi pujaan.

So, on my way back home, instead of taking the LDP, ikut jalan short-cut Subang Airport which passed by Sungai Buloh before I reach home. It was (as usual) packed with lorries because lori tak boleh lalu highway siang buta, no? Kena ikut jalan lama lah.

I was driving at my fastest driving limit which is approx 100 to 120 km/hour and then, there was this one silver MyVi dari belakang yang laju nak mati. I did notice the car but I thought may be the driver would slow down a bit cause agak banyak kereta & lori tengah jalan. Plus, jalan tu memang selalu jammed so why go fast when you'll be stuck dekat depan? So, I was driving at approx 120 km/hour but the MyVi still cucuk-cucuk dekat belakang. Apa lagi? Geram mencanak-canak la! I drove constantly at 100 km/h and the MyVi started to blink the lights (nak bagi hint suruh ke tepi). I didn't give him any chance cause there was no other way that he could go to over take me until he took the exit at the junction to Sri Damansara.

Hati panas! I took a glimpse at the car. The plate number was WRR ****. He lowered down his window and started swearing to me. I wanted so bad to piss him off so I look at him with an innocent face. I was like "Yeah, WTV. Loser!" He kept swearing and I think at one point he hoped that I lowered my window too. I drove off dengan puas hati.

You know, you don't really have to drive so fast macam dunia nak kiamat. I mean, tengok situasi la. Kalau dekat highway boleh juga nak terima drive laju-laju sampai kalau terbabas, kereta boleh terbelah dua tapi kalau setakat drive dekat main road macam tu, there's no need to drive fast. Betul tak? And one more thing, I really hate it bila orang drive tak reti nak keep distance. Bukan tak boleh nak dekat tapi fobia la sial! Kalau tiba-tiba orang depan emergency break macam mana? Cari nahas aje la! Sigh!

Quote from my Dad;

Buat apa nak drive laju-laju? Kita kena rasa nikmat jalan ni! Kalau tak, buat rugi je bayar road tax!


Have you ever heard of PERFECTION The Training Academy? No?

Well, actually it is a tuition center where my little sister goes to.

Do you know how generous they are? No?

Well, they give free gifts to the early birds. I mean, those who pay their fees at the very early of the month.

Wanna know what the gifts are? Yes?

Jangan terkejut, okay?!

LV keychain

Gucci 'Bear' keychain

Hehehe! Of course they are not authentic. Kau gila? Tuition fee baru berapa ratus nak bagi hadiah beribu. Hahaha! At least, they have the effort kan?

That's all for now. Take care! Drive safe, peeps! Peace!

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