Monday, July 5, 2010

Vintage Or Not?

I did nothing last weekend. It was quite boring cause I had to be a driver for my sisters. Send the older to her office, drive the younger to the tuition center and then had to pick her up. So, what I did was looking for some stuff that might be useful for me to do something with it.

While I was looking for the stuff, I came across this vintage bag of my Mom's in her room, hanging at the cupboard's knob together with her old handbag. So, I take a look and found out it was a Bally handbag! I still can remember that I used to play with that handbag when I was little and (obviously) Mom got angry. At that time, I didn't know it was a Bally! If I'm not mistaken, there was a pair of stilettos with a matching colour with this bag.

I also found out that Mom has two Christian Dior bags. One is an evening bag or clutch and the other one is a hobo-style. Both were in a quite bad condition but I think they both can still be repaired. Both bags were made in France.

And then, I found these two Bally shoes in a room at the kitchen. Unfortunately, not only both were in bad conditions (that's not a matter to me cause I can send the shoes to a cobbler), but my feet couldn't fit into both of the shoes. It was size 4 and I wear size 7!

They are gorgeous. Both upper parts were made from leather and the soles were all handmade! I think Mom bought them during sales because there was a price tag of £20 on the bottom soles. Bboth shoes were made in England.

I'm sure there must be more vintage stuff of my Mom's apart from the bags and shoes. I'll try to look for the clothes tomorrow and will update you guys.

Till then, take care guys!


hudhud said...

omg i love bally ! :D

fatinmmj said...

cool yaa..kasut tu=) like it!!

Anonymous said...

verrry the vintage! sukee!!