Monday, August 2, 2010

This Is What We Call Vintage!

Do you still remember the previous entry about my Mom's vintage stuff? Well, if you can't recall, here is the link. The first one was about my Mom's old bags that I found in the store and also her room.

Now, this entry will be about her clothes. Mainly, about her old clothes that almost none of us, her daughters can fit in!

Haha! Yes, my Mom was a really slim shady lady. She wasn't a petite lady because her height is average.

The first one is always my favourite of all. Black Kebaya with orange embroidery. I already wore the Kebaya twice and of course, I had to alter the skirt a bit. Not the length but the waist.

No, I wasn't that fat la. I can still fit into the Kebaya top nicely. Duhh! This Kebaya was worn during my Mom's engagement ceremony.

The Kebaya top is just nice for my body. I mean, the measurement of the shoulder but not the waist. Haha! It has see-through sleeves. Even though both top and skirt have embroidery all over them, it is still comfortable to wear, night and day. It has lining on the inside except on the sleeves. Very bright orange yet very classy.

The next one is another Malay traditional wear; Baju Kurung. This white Kurung was the one that Mom wore during her solemnization ceremony. It also has full white flowers embroidery all over the body. The sleeves are also see-through just like the Kebaya.

The top

See-through sleeve

The skirt

This Kurung is worn with white scarve or shawl. This shawl has different type of flowers embroidery. I think Mom bought the shawl separately from the Kurung.

The third one is an orange skirt that is just as the same as two skirts before. It's wearable as Kebaya or Kurung skirt or may be with another blouse. I've never seen Mom wear it before. It has embroidery of flowers all over it and just nice for me to wear.

The length of all skirts are just nice for me only the waist that is a bit smaller.

The last traditional item that I found is Baju Kurung Kedah. This one is totally big for me. The special of this top is it has a pocket on the left side. The difference between this Kurung Kedah and the earlier Kurung is only the length of the top. Kurung Kedah has shorter length than normal Kurung.

Okay, enough with the traditional outfit. Now, let's get to my Mom's modern outfit. Not so many that I found. May be Mom already separate them away or may be she has given out the clothes to other people. I can still remember Mom's purple skirt with small flowers and also two red blouses; one with Chinese drawing of houses and another one with Sakura flowers.

On the other hand, this skirt is different. It's made of nylon and wool. Usually wear during the winter. How did I know? Cause I tried wearing it once and my legs were sweating like hell. Hehe!

Unfortunately, this skirt has a few damages. Mainly tear wool. So sad! If not I can still wear it to movies.

This top is also made of wool. I tried wear it several times before but it doesn't suit the weather here. Obviously if I wear it to movies, it will be super warm and nice.

Last but not least, Mom owns a barrette yaw! A red one! I like! Haha!

This one was made in Scotland and also made of wool.

The inside lining

With button in front

So, all in all I think Mom owns quite a few of vintage items that still wearable. I mean, I don't mind wear all those stuff. I even had plan of wearing Mom's old traditional clothes especially the early two during my wedding in the future. The are still good and most importantly I can fit them.

Lastly, thanks for reading guys and have a nice week ahead!



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