Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Malaysian Twitters Biggest Tweet Up

October 23, 2010.

The Twitter birds

Backdrop and stage

The idea started as a birthday celebration for @karrotgold but turned out to be one of the biggest Twitter events in Malaysia. Almost 500 Twitters came up for this event including celebrities.

@flizzow together with @AidaSue

@radiojules together with @cloco

@jiaziegler together with @FaraFauzi


Among the activities during the event:

Band Hero

@faliqfahmie was one of the performers on that day

Lucky draw
Blue (@haveyoudecided) and White (@Luna_Rahman)

Board games such as Monopoly
L to R: @rararawr, Ronny Mahad, me, @syazaliyana, @faliqfahmie, @iwanshafiee, @loveykatz, "isteri abg @norm_noordin"

Tribute to P. Ramlee


Poco-poco dance

Last but not least;

Drag queen catwalk by @karrotgold!

Random pictures of the day;

Almost all of the Twitters who came!

The event was a success and not only @karrotgold got to celebrate his birthday but he got to celebrate it with a few other October babies.

So, if you want to meet random people on the internet, create your Twitter account now! Join us at the Twitterjaya! See you guys soon (hopefully on Twitter!).


ps; Hypocrite people are not invited!

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