Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stories To Tell

There were so many things happened and only now that I got all the pictures. So, here are few updates on what I've been doing for the past few months.

Cuci The Musical

My sister managed to get tickets for the last show. Before the show, we had our dinner at this mamak place. The drinks & food were all simple & nice.

Kuiz Ramadhan 1431 Hijrah, 2010 Masihi

Dad was one of the lucky few to won the monthly quiz. The prize was Umrah trip for one person which he decided to give it to my brother. Hopefully I got to tag along because the trip schedule to be on June next year.

Aidilfitri 1431 Hijrah, 2010 Masihi

This year's Aidilfitri was so simple because my younger sister; sitting front row in yellow scarf, had to go back to Egypt on the sixth day of Aidilfitri.

So, basically my life only evolved around my family for the past few months. I didn't get much chances to go out and hang out with friends. Hope you guys take care of yourselves well and I'll see you soon.


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ezzat said...

just stumbled upon ur blog. believe me it was completely random.

menjalara girl. no wonder its like i've seen u somewhere...
i know ur brother and ur dad.