Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Polaroid Photos

These photos have been edited using Poladroid software that I downloaded some time ago.

Some of the portrait photos that I edited are:

My niece, Najwa Nabilah. Sorry for the grammatical error. It should be "1 year old".

My little kiddo, Azam. He's a talkative kid with high determination of winning or should I say ego?

My best dude, Faisal or Mike. You can call him by both names.

Some of random photos that I edited.

My sweet tooth demand. Chocolates heaven in Langkawi that you can never resist!

During my eldest brother's convocation at IIUM Gombak.

The classmates during our trip to Paka, Terengganu.

On the day of mom's advanced birthday celebration.

My beheaded eldest brother.

The birthday girl or my mother.

My evening on holidays;

Man-made mini waterfall.

The sky view at the park. That little tiny spot is a kite!

During my sister's convocation;

L to R: My sister and her friend, Ana Raffali.

Sleeping beauty?

Another sleeping beauty?

While waiting for our turn to take studio family photo

Short trip to north;

The old Taiping Prison which is still in use. Located 300km north from Kuala Lumpur, Taiping is a small town in Perak.

My very first time riding the swan boat.

During my final year of study;

During the study trip to Pagoh, Johor. The garden was located about 200km south from my university campus. It was more to a reserve forest than a garden. It took around 15 to 20 minutes to get to our dorm from the reception by tram.

My very last road trip with my girlfriends to Port Dickson. It was about 1 and a half hours journey from our campus by car.

So, that's all for now. Will update you more with what I've been doing these past few months. Till then, take care guys! Love!

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