Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Love The Smell of The Popcorns!

Watching movies alone is sometimes enjoyable!
Just remember not to choose the middle seat on the back row.

To be honest, I watched this movie just for the purpose of watching Bruce Willis.
I have soft spots for bald men. Haha!
The story line was as I expected it to be but still entertaining cause it was full of actions.

This movie was very entertaining.
The dumb lines and actions are non-stop.
The movie hall was very cold that night.
Not to mention that I was wearing my Adidas gym pants!
Eva Mendez was hot!

At first, I couldn't spot which one was Hayden cause, to be honest, I don't know who the hell Hayden Christensen is!
I can only spot the Callen G guy from the NCIS: LA. I didn't even know his name until I saw the movie poster!
Takers is all about posh 'thieves' that only go for million-goal robbery.
They owned a Porsche, Ducatti, Range Rover and lives in high class apartments.
Watching this movie makes me wishing for more money.

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noor hayden said...

laa, jus take a good look. Its been 4 years u been with hayden. Seriusly take a closer look. Then u will see