Thursday, December 2, 2010

Past Activities: Cousin's Wedding

This blog post is very very out dated already but who cares? So, here are some of the activities that I've been up to.

My cousin's wedding was held about a month ago, a week before Eidul Adha.
The solemnization was held in Alor Setar, Kedah which is the hometown of the bride, followed by a ceremony the next day.
Some of the pictures during the wedding ceremony in Kedah.

I'm sorry. I feel like I have to put up this photo. It's so laughable. My youngest sister slept the whole way from KL to Kedah. She didn't even woke up when we stopped at the resting area. I just can't help it seeing how she sleep. Sigh! So Koddey, sorry for putting up this photo.

My cousin is the bride. Nervously waiting for the solemnization (akad nikah) to finish. Up to this moment, I still can't believe it she is now somebody's wife. So awkward seeing her doing house chores.

The groom. They know each other through the groom's sister which happened to be my cousin's housemate during her study time. They fell in love the first moment he saw her.

Just after the solemnization ceremony. Both groom and bride had to sign a few forms. All five sheets of them.

Upacara batal air sembahyang. Gold ring and a bracelet together with the mahar (mas kahwin).

Done with the solemnization! Now officially called PUAN HANISAH ABDULLAH. Yeay! *Clap clap*

Newly wed bride together with her family. The only one missing was her youngest brother.

Pengantin perasan muda.

Back at the hotel. Tangga pun jadi lah.

Please excuse the presence of my nephew there.

Our big family including parents & siblings of the groom.

A week after that, the wedding continued on the groom's side.
Another ceremony was held in Batu Pahat, Johor.

Us together with the couple. Just got off the car.

The not-so-newly wed couple. Married for one week already. On the other note, why must my nephew be in the picture? The same nephew!

There was no bersanding ceremony in Kedah as the bride's house was hit by the flood for the first time.

Abang Ijad & Kak Chah.

The couple together with bride's family.

Last shot; at the pelamin.

My cousin, is now pregnant!
Yeay! Big clap for them!

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