Friday, February 18, 2011

Applying New Recipe

Cooking is a very interesting thing to do. Different ingredient gives different taste but some of them can replace each other to give the same smell and taste. A combination of both would be nice but try to be a minimalist in creating a dish.

This week, I tried to create a mango salad & chicken with black sauce. All basic ingredients were used but I added some new ingredients, more to I did it my way.

Shredded mango mix with four-angle beans, long beans, onions, some green & red chillies. All veges were cut into very small pieces. Add some lime juice, salt & sugar. The main ingredient is the mango. Choose your own type of veges to add into the salad. For a nice smell, add some ginger buds.

Marinated chicken cook with soy sauce. Saute some garlic & onion until they turn brown. Add in the chicken and some water. Simmer the chicken until half cook. Add in some soy sauce & oyster sauce (for taste). Simmer the chicken until fully cook. Add in black pepper, salt and some sugar.

Test your taste buds! See ya!


Ro$$i DAh said...

hehe.. bole try ni.. :p

Nadya said...

no wonder makin bulat adik aku sorg ni. hihi. keep it up bebeh. :D