Monday, April 25, 2011


Sekejap ada, sekejap tak de!

This is just another short update of what I'm currently doing for living.

I got a 60-days-replacement job as a TEACHER! Yes, I teach standard 2 and 3 students. Of course, they are primary students. It is a very challenging task as I was assigned to teach the remedial class. Although it was only for Bahasa Malaysia but still the students are very hyper! Low level of concentration. Very high-pitched and most of all, very straight forward! They don't think the cause & effects of whatever that's gonna come out from their mouths.

The good news is I only have another 2 weeks and then off I go! Of course I'm gonna miss my kids so much despite of whatever that they have done. Not bad things but you know what a child can do. Just like what we had done once upon a time. Wink!

I'll post up some photos later but for now, I must bid good night & good bye for a while. This teacher has classes to teach tomorrow!

Take care guys!

XO ;)

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