Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Concern; Dry Drowning

One topic on Oprah that caught my attention; Dry Drowning. The case that they (Oprah & Dr. Oz) were discussing was a very old one (I think it was a repeat episode of Oprah); Dry drowning that killed a 10 year-old boy.

The case happened during 2008. It concern me cause being me, who loves to swim, I think this is a good exposure and hopefully this case can open other people's eyes too.

The thing is, dry drowning always (almost) happen to small kids who don't know how to breathe right in the water. You don't inhale the air through the nose but u blow (bubble) the air into the water from your mouth. In fact, you certainly can't breathe in the water, can you? For us adults, this might not be a serious matter because we know how to "handle" our body but for kids and children, they need guidance (I think so).

When I first learn how to swim (I learn as early as 5 years old), I didn't know how to breathe in the water. I just suddenly swim. Bunyi macam takbur la pula. But when I joined the swimming class as my extra co-curricular activity during my second & third semester, then only I know the function of blowing in the water.

Back to the main topic, Dry Drowning(DD) is just as similar as Pulmonary Edema (PE) or in Malay we call it Paru-paru Berair. DD happen when you suddenly suck in water through your respiratory organ (nose) into the lungs that can bring you to death. While PE happen when there is leakage of fluid; might be from the heart, into the lungs that able to cause similar effect; death.

In our lungs, there is a soap-like fluid that act as a lubricant that enable for our lungs to stretch (expand) and relax during the breathing process. The presence of the water or fluid in the lungs will remove the soap (lubricant) from our lungs and cause difficulties for us to breathe. The lungs will no longer able to contract and relax (of muscles) causing of reduction of oxygen level in the blood and eventually, death will take place.

The symptoms are just the same for adults and children. Shortness of breathe, fatigue, Excessive (cold) sweating, cough, pale skin and many more. For children, the symptoms will occur faster than the adults, may be within 2 to 8 hours.

Till then, take care guys! And enjoy your holidays!


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